I am fortunate to live on the North Norfolk coast and my work is inspired by the beauty and simplicity of our land and seascapes.

My art is evolutionary, on this site you will see a range of work from classical and highly detailed local studies through a range of evocative and sometimes mystical monochrome works to the latest, very bold but simple, flat colour blocks of my 2018/19 collections.  Each part has its own, strong identity; each stands alone but together they form part of a gradually unfolding story.

In my latest work I attempt to simplify the North Norfolk landscape, particularly Cromer and Overstrand, until it becomes a classic template for our childhood memories, allowing each viewer to imprint their own perceptions and connotations onto every image.

I seek to reflect the simplicity of that childlike state in forms reminiscent of the classic beach postcard or fairytale illustration from a more innocent age

Do enjoy the works on show; allow the child in you to weave the story behind each image and above all, never lose your sense of wonder.


A few of my new pictures ...


(available as 40 x 50cm mounted prints)
some of my 2018/19 collection....
...and the 'Cromer Pier' series
Click here for more Gouache & Monochrome works

All images on this site are copyright Robert Downie 1990 - 2019 ©

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